'Arist' fire-resistant retractable stairs

Protipožární stahovací schody Aristo

Aristo retractable stairs have a sandwiched sheet-metal led, which is built into the ceiling. The lid is lined with thermal and fire-resistant insulation. The gap between the lid and frame is sealed with fire-resistant foam tape.
The frame’s construction is fitted with a folding ladder attached to the lid. The whole space of the stairs is enclosed from above by an insulating lid. Both doors in the standard design are fitted with a special mechanism for synchronization.

Fire resistance has been tested in a test lab using a drywall ceiling. Aristo retractable stairs fulfil two basic requirements: 45-minute fire resistance and thanks to the system of sandwiched lid, the heat transfer coefficient U = 0.66 W/m2.K.

Design: fire resistant
Placement: ceiling
Lid: sandwiched: a wooden ram treated with a fungucidal solution to rid of mold, fungus and mushrooms; the insert is enclosed by galvanized sheet metal; while the ceiling part is painted white and covered with a protective film
Insulation: yes, k = 0.66 W/m2.K
Fire resistance: yes, EI145/EI245/EW45
Frame colour: white RAL covered with a protective film
The colour of the steps: grey RAL


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Assembly of retractable stairs can be done by dextrous do-it-yourselfers. As long as you have two helpers with you, you will easily install the retractable stairs according to the included assembly guide.